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Liquidation Sale!!!


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Full impecc warrior with TG, has pvp 2h


Full impecc shaman with TG, has VDotA, 3/8 hoarders, 3/8 pvp


Full impecc hunter with Fotb Bow 2/8 pvp


VIP3 Rogue with VDotA, FOTB, Full Divine, Full Event Gear, 4/8 pvp, 2/8 hoarders


VIP4 Paladin with Forgotten Blade and FOTB, 3/8 hoarders, 3/8 pvp


VIP4 Paladin with 2/8 pvp


VIP1 DK with nothing


Prices are set by your offers! Please offer seriously.

These are all the valuable toons that I own, feel free to make offers on them, I am looking for either a trade-up, or in-store credit.

Trade-up meaning, trade a lot for VIP7 or SOATT/SOATL, and other nice weapons and such. I wanna beef up ONE toon with all of them.


Please send tell!!

Need to sell 'em all!

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