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Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 12) I will be hosting a series of events. The rewards will be titles for the time being. We will be doing an assortment of Hide and Seek events, PvP events, and Stairs. This will be taking play starting at 4:00PM server time. Now for the rules regarding each event. 


Hide and Seek Rules:

1- Do not harass or kill any of the other competitors.


PvP Rules:

1- This will be a starter gear only event to allow even those new to the server to join

2- No stuns may be used, including CC abilities such as Disarm, Silence, Repentance, Freezing trap, ect. ect. Sap may be used! 

3- Titans Grip also may not be used, it allows a slight, unfair advantage.

4- If you're Paladin, you can not use any bubbles. (Divine Shield, Hand of Protection)


Stair Rules:

1- Pretty straightforward, just no using mounts or any spells that move / increase your speed. (In example: Sprint, Heroic Leap, Blink).


Failure to follow these rules will result in a teleport to the Deepholm mall, and you will not be able to take place in any of the following events. Additionally if you break the PvP Event rules, you will not be eligible to join the next PvP event that I (Kamijou) host. If you have any additional questions just leave them in the comment section below. 


Hope to see you there!!

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