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I'm pretty sure this has been decided before.

The correct way is


Warriors -  Glitch

Mages - Glitch

Paladins - Glitch

Hunters - Glitch

Shamans - NotGlitch

Druids - DefinitelyNotGlitch

Warlocks - CouldbeGlitch

Rogues - We'veTryedThisIt'sNotGlitch

Death Knights - PuppyNotGlitch

Priests - GlitchWouldBeCampedIfHePlayedThisClassSoIt'sNotGlitch


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Warriors - Dragonknight

Mages - Glitch

Paladins - Gerti

Hunters - None basic class

Shamans - Pure

Druids - None

Warlocks - None

Rogues - Identify

Death Knights - Loke

Priests -  Dragonprice


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Men wtf me again omg thenks men u guise are ewsum!


In all seriousness, even though I don't like lists, i'll do one.


Warriors - Inception (His warrior name I do not know)

Mages - Haven't seen a good mage yet.

Paladins - Gerti / Inception

Hunters - Battleye, totally.

Shamans - Yin 

Druids - No one plays druids lolol

Warlocks - No geared Warlocks that play a lot.

Rogues - ---------------------------------------------

Death Knights - Haven't seen a very gut one yet.

Priests - Lolpriest is just smite spam


Oh, don't forget fear :3

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