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No matter how many times I redownloaded or where I got my folder from from I got error 134. I've never seen anybody else with the problem but, eh, worth a try. I figured out the solution and put it on here:


Also, easy way to reinstall the game is put the IceColdLauncher.exe in an empty folder >> run it as administrator >> Hit the "Reload Patch" button on the bottom left (Looks like a blue refresh button) >> wait for it to do it's thing and soon enough you will have a new wow folder :P

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reinstalling is easy. Just go to the normal blizzard site and click to download the game. https://us.battle.net/account/download/


You will download the basic files and then the game should start to download with the updater. Close the updater immediately, then open the game with the Icecold launcher. With the launcher, click "reinstall patch" and it will automagically download what you need.

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