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Reporting Totem & Pitbull for Bug Abuse


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I realize she has already posted the same image, but why don't we look a little closer.


and I also don't want this damn topic closed for already being dealt with, because I think it would be total crap and not a fair chance for Derrick.


So, I want you to look just a bit closer.




In order to use the recent bug to glitch, you had to be in full shaman gear, as seen in the image, she is indeed in full starter gear.

You also had to have the buff "Blessing of Kings" as Pitbull is in the group.  Supporting the bug, which means both of them would be responsible.


She framed Derrick, even though she was doing the same stuff, which I think is a load of crap.  So basically, while everyone thought Derrick was the bad person in this situation, everyone then found out she was doing it too, and blackmailed derrick.  So I think it would be fair enough if she was reported to, just like derrick.  


So I don't want this topic cloesd without a fair trial for Derrick, and how she hasn't been punished yet FOR PULLING THE SAME EXACT SHI.T.


I don't care if you support Totem, I don't want to see your brainless comments.  So save your damn breath.



Pitbull - Supporting a Bug

Totem - Using a bug for self benefit.  

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