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Core Upgrades & Future Plans


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Hello! As many of you know we have been working on a core upgrade, this will help us make better content and it will provide a more stable experience. Info below ?

!! We do not have a release date set yet. This is still under heavy development !!

Fixes/core differences:

  • No more stuttering when players in the same group are in different areas.
  • Certain aoe spells no longer target players on the opposite faction even with PvP toggled off.
  • Some spells are working in this core that did not work properly before(ex: Seals of Command aoe, Ebon Plaguebringer, Improved Lava Lash). However, due the the spell system being so different we are not able to port over our custom spell fixes so some spells will not be working when the core goes live. We plan to fix these over time.
  • Better proc system that will make it easier for us to balance procs.
  • Caster dot crits.
  • PvP kill rank system similar to what we had on the old 4.0.6 core. All kills from the current core will transfer over and you will be able to collect all of your rewards as soon as it goes live. The rewards on Reaper will be exactly the same as they were on 4.0.6, Eternian rewards are still being worked out.
  • Profession rank boosts that will be free for 2 weeks on launch. This could be extended depending on how the vote sites are looking.
  • Coloured world chat is planned, I'm not 100% certain it will be ready for launch though.

I've decided to implement some extra changes I had planned to do after the upgrade was complete. This includes fixing up the Renown zones and changes to event weapons.

[Eternian]Renown changes:

  • Fixed errors in some quest objectives.
  • Adjusted guard and boss armour values.
  • Added some waypoints (patrol npcs).
  • Spawned correct versions of Garrosh and Varian.
  • Quest rewards have been changed to Renown rather than honour points. While Writs of Renown still function as honour conversion, they will be mainly used as quest rewards going forward.

[Eternian]Event item changes:

Halloween and Christmas event items have been a good source of powerful non-vip weapons on Eternian for a long time now, we believe this is bad for the server long-term as the events are only around once a year. Sure, it gives players something to look forward to, but we think the better option is to move that into our main content so the better weapons are available at all times. The event weapons will be changed to be on par with our Diablo themed weapons and their old power will be moved to the legendary weapons we plan to make with Firelands. (This is being pushed back for now)

Reaper news:

Sadly not much to put in here at the moment. Plans are being worked on but nothing has been decided yet. Ideally we would fix up the realm and make it more interesting to bring in new and returning IceCold players while avoiding a complete rework like the past Project Fire overhaul. Reaper has a special place in our hearts and we want to do it right so please bear with us.

!! Please note this is all a work in progress and some things may change later. !!

That's it for now, I will update this as work on the upgrade goes on.

I'd also like to thank everyone for their support. We definitely have our ups and downs but we will continue to work on the server for as long as it remains online/supported by our players ❤️

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