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Old Player saying Hello!


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Hello everyone! Karugan the paladin here. Not sure if alot of people remember me but i was active during 2012 - 2014 but was mostly active during 2013

I managed to find the Private Server once more and found alot of old memories to say the least and just wanted to say hello to anyone that still remembers me! ?

Just for a reminder, I used to hang around Cecilli and if im not wrong Zeuss and Tuff :3

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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I would like to mention that, Mythicos, how come you didn't you insinuate me? I thought our relationship was of great prominence, particularly with regard to your inscrutable lack of prospects. Now I'm bemused.


Please illuminate your hypercritical insinuation, or better yet, I demand an declaration. Otherwise we will wholeheartedly never be friends again.

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