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4.3.4 Transmogrification Request

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A suggestion for an entire leather set, Tier 7 rogue set.

Head: Valorous Bonescythe Helmet
ItemID: 40499

Shoulders: Valorous Bonescythe Pauldrons
ItemID: 40502

Chest: Valorous Bonescythe Breastplate
ItemID: 40495

Gloves: Valorous Bonescythe Gauntlets
ItemID: 40496

Belt: Stalk-Skin Belt
ItemID: 40205

Legs: Valorous Bonescythe Legplates
ItemID: 40500

Boots: Dawnwalkers
ItemID: 39701

There are some alternatives to some of the pieces that aren't within the 'Valorous' set, all can be found here: https://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=627/valorous-bonescythe-battlegear-25-recolor

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We can't change item types, sorry. Necrotic Boneplate will be added soon.

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