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Where should I go to get my gold?


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I couldnt find a ice-hyjal specific forum for this so: 

In the original ice-reaper, there would be ghouls in Death forrest (elwin forrest) that gave like 20 gold per death, Which is where i would farm gold to get what I wanted.

My characters got reset and deleted and so I'm starting over on ice-hyjal, but theres a problem, I cant find a reliable place to get any gold.

Should I do the dungeons over and over forever and ever? Should I go asset farming in the cataclysm based locations? Is a location going to be added in future versions of hyjal? 

Thanks - Zakarivlol

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Hi ZakariVlol,

Thanks for your message. At this point there isn't a specific area solely made for the purpose of gold farming.
We didn't create a place like this yet because, for the new Ice-Reaper, gold will play an important role and therefore cannot be obtained too easily.

However, Ice-Hyjal is a copy of Ice-Reaper with everything scaled up, so it can be a funserver.
To actually keep things fun, adding a gold farming area might not be such a bad idea. I'll definitely run it by the team.

Do you have any suggestions about how a gold farming area should look?

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Since we're throwing out suggestions for hyjal, fun item / quest item vendor (thought I'd see this in pf but nope), chill zone , timeout zone, mats vendor, arena boss, zerk/speed/health buff at arena, enable global chat cause typing /o is quicker. Maybe give up .morph? Idk that one is kind of a stretch but it'll add to the fun Rp / pvp / pve wise.

Oh and fill up the auction house with goodies, gear, weapons, items etc. Also, noggenfogger elixir.

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