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  1. I prefer the death knight. theyre super strong and i usually don't seem to die from monsters.
  2. I actually found my old account. It was made back in 2011. so i guess i am an OG with that in mind. (since most of the current gms accounts i've seen post on the fourms were made. ) i just kinda wish my account was usable, all of my characters were deleted and im not really that sad, i dont plan on using it because its tied to an email i dont touch anymore. i just kinda wish my pc would connect to the server. i have no way of knowing if the server is offline, so... good luck friend! - Zak
  3. Hi Kirigaya, nice to see you. I'm not sure if i remember you from back then but... I sure hope you are doing great. I'm Zak, i used to play IceCold more often back on my old account. i don't remember it anymore. Back when reaper was kinda broken, with unlimited item usage and all. Its been so long and i've been wanting to play more. Icecold was my favorite private server so i really hope it survives. Good Luck - Zak
  4. ZakariVlol


    Hi Franz, welcome to the IceCold Crew! I hope you are still here in the community. hopefully the login servers can come back up soon so I can play with you. have a great day, good luck and see you soon. - Zak
  5. I really like icecold wow and i want to play it. it would be cool to see if the servers are up. like if the auth/login, world and character DB servers are up. I have a mini repack of the game i can sort of see how this would be done but in practice it may be possible. so i will ask you one last time, can you try to provide a "servers are up" page to view when we cannot login to the game? Good luck finding a way to do this, I would love to login and play soon. lova you guys. -Zak
  6. The server had big big big changes coming and it was obvious they wanted to make a new version to support their new views on the content they wanted to make. I too liked the old icecold server but i also like what they are doing with the funserver now. I'm not too sure why they removed the old version, it's just a guess. good luck - Zak
  7. I was viewing my profile, and saw it was a level 1, I wanted to know if and how you would increase that number? I don't need to increase it, i just want to know how in case i ever become more of a community person. Thanks - ZakariVlol
  8. Hi, I'm Zak Kaioken, I 'm not exactly new here, I've been with icecold wow since cataclysm was still the current expansion, back when icecold wow had many bugs, for example: All or most items which would go away in retail, never went away here on icecold wow, if you bought a potion of nogginflrogger elixer you would effectively have it forever... until of course, they fixed it. Back then i had a character, a warlock, she was really strong, I think i had upgraded her armor to the one you get after finishing the lightning dungeon in northrend. she had the old tabard of exploration which inc
  9. I couldnt find a ice-hyjal specific forum for this so: In the original ice-reaper, there would be ghouls in Death forrest (elwin forrest) that gave like 20 gold per death, Which is where i would farm gold to get what I wanted. My characters got reset and deleted and so I'm starting over on ice-hyjal, but theres a problem, I cant find a reliable place to get any gold. Should I do the dungeons over and over forever and ever? Should I go asset farming in the cataclysm based locations? Is a location going to be added in future versions of hyjal? Thanks - Zakarivlol
  10. I want to play your servers really bad...
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