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How can we be sure that people are gonna return upon the IceCold update?


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I know the update is a big deal and the developers are spending a lot of time remaking IceCold right now, but how can we be sure that the players are gonna return when the game gets updated? I only see like 1 through 3 people on at a time, no matter what day, and sometimes no ones on... 


Just so I can see who I can expect to rejoin can you comment?

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There are 3 options imo:

1. The server stays dead and nobody will try it out.

2. There a slight chance an amount of 30 people will check it for a month or so and move on after.

3. It'll be a hit and people will start playing Cataclysm again and by the time Ryan and Jordan start racking up donations blizzard will close the server.

From what I've seen in the past year and the current one, the idea regarding the private servers is that the expansions after wotlk are faeces and everybody wants to try the old vanilla-tbc experience.

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Yes there isn't many people logging into the realms, but you'd be surprised on how many people are checking in on the website every now and again, also still to this day i get a lot of messages from people on Skype asking when its going to be released.

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Well im shure that the ppl that are going back to the server are te vips i   dont think any member (non-vip) will come to the server due some reasons from the past...


Hello, our new realm is all about balance. Yes gearing up will take a long time, but we have made it more fun than the current Reaper. Also if someone puts in that much effort and gets the best set, they will almost match the best VIP so PvP will be much more fun. VIP on the new realm is there so people can just skip all the gearing up part.

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