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[Ice-Dimensions] Alpha Testing


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Greetings players, the Wrath of the Lich King test server is in continuous development at this time. Level testers from 1-80 are needed. The reward for leveling to 80 is a token for a free level 80 when the live server is released. The reward level 80 boost will be limited to 1 per race and class per account. The test form (provided) with your account name stated clearly will make you eligible for this reward.

Before requesting access, have everything (here) downloaded.

To gain access to the test realm, request the following in a PM to Space, (here), or add him via Skype: seanhaxor

Test Access Request

Classes known well:

Race zones known well:

Account Name: (if different than your display name)

Password: (if not specified, a random generated one will be provided)

Testers are accepted and denied in a case-by-case basis, but requests are always welcome!

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