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I'm Coming Back


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This is the word I'd use when looking at this website.


Well-- Some of you may know me, some of you may /not/ know me. Regardless of whether you do or not, I used to work on here as Staff along side of good friends such as Tirionl and Kellian.


I remember doing events for players such as morphing into Deathwing and acting as a boss, running a side-guild that functioned like an in-game auction house, and guarding the player-based against those who wished to defy the rules of IceCold-WoW.


Then there were things I did that I sadly regret, but I've finally reached a point where I have reached a point in maturity where I realize kids make stupid mistakes.


So apologizing for the 'boy' that was 'me' back in the day, I'm sorry to Jordan and Ryan for doing what I did (Which needs to elaboration)


Now moving on from the soppy-sad stuff! Who am I?


I'm Dylan. I live in the U.S. More specifically, North Carolina. I live in whats dub 'The South' (And no, I'm not a redneck. I don't spit tobacco and hunt deer in my back yard)


Gaming is an immense passion of mine, and I do it with friends I can enjoy it with; whether they're friends I've known since Elementary school or friends I made who are from South America.



I am a friendly, fun, and quite loving guy. I've dabbled a bit into coding and game creation since I've been gone-- Though I have nothing to show for it (I suck, I know)

If you are ever interested in hitting me up to join me and my friends in some hilarious game play, do add 'Vaereir' on Steam or on Skype.

Feels good to be back ;)


Here's a few photos of me, and what goes on in my mind (And yes, I know I have braces. Can't you tell by my straight teeth?)










Now enough of the pictures. I thought I'd make it clear I plan to amend for any wrongs I've done to anyone in the past, as I have the urge to pursue GM status once more (With out the immaturity and such involved with it)


Please, leave questions if ya' have any :)


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