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Project Fire (Suggestions)


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Do you want your voice heard? Do you want this new realm to show ideas that you, as the community posted and gave us to implement? Reply below with all your ideas for the new realm so Jordan and Ryan can look over them and judge whether or not they will benefit the realm.


Don't go off-topic, if you wanna post random information, make your own thread and post there, this thread is only to make suggestions so the management team can see what ideas their community has and if it will benefit.


Remember, all ideas are creative, no matter how small or big.. They can all benefit the server. And we want your voice to show us what YOU want to see, otherwise if we implement only our ideas, you may not have any likings on the realm, so begin away and show us your imagination! And be recognized for the ideas that you came up with that go on our realm!



Warm Regards,


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