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A New Series of Non Haste Gears and Tabards


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Hey Guys,

                  i Think server is over capped with Haste for Both Vip and Non Vip,   Due this problem people are not able to use there max upgraded gears .


So , i was suggesting that why not make new series of GEAR and Tabards , With No haste or low Haste and Higher basic stats (Stamina, Strength , Critcal , Meta sockets , Intellect etc) on this gears ,


I think these type of Gear will bring a Great Hope many players Like me who are having crazy haste 18k ++ ,,  


Also i belieave these gears might gona get popular with players


i had asked 3 players ingame and they like the idea too


So ,  i Hope Sean like it too, and Make it a reality


Thank you


Your Faithfull Player 



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I have had the same thought for last 6 month, never suggested it because it seems like the server aren't in need of a hole new gear set right now. Eternian are low on developers and they still need to work on some of the old stuff before starting on some new.

Would agree with a new gear set with no or low haste included. Tho it could be a future project gear set as long with weapons included! 

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I like the idea, and I can gladly duplicate the current sets of gear, take off the haste, and buff the attack power/spell power. That would include weapons, so people have a more useful alternative. For now though, there's no real way to get this done immediately but I can do it without trouble. 


People are pissed about the lack of haste procs because they either don't know about the haste that was put on weapons, or they've been stacking with two different items to get haste capped. Regardless of the attitude towards haste procs, the resting haste is much safer to use for druids, and has no detrimental effects on any classes.


As always: thank you for your ideas and comments. Your opinions are taken into consideration. Eternian loves you.

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Personal i would love to farm a hole new gear set. Highly like the pve system on the server. Tho i still would prefer the developers to work on some of the old stuff that still needs til be done, such as IW X.

Taking the idea a step further to the farming part of it:
(Instead of dropping mats to be able to buy the gear like arca i came up with this idea): Making the dungeon be able to drop each specific gear part random, just like a real dungeon where u never know what's gonna drop or even if its something that you can use. The gear can have up to 5 upgrades, so fully upgraded it gonna be slighty better than IW X but with no haste. 5 different dungeons ofc with each difficulty (some like arca to make it a team dungeon)

In my opinion this will give a better feeling and experience of playing a retail dungeon. 
NOTICE: And ofc Sean! Dont make the dungeon respawn you all the way back at the beginning, make us able to atleast use the ress spell that classes have xD

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I still Vouch for NON HASTE version tabard , Considering that item is the main reason for Unbalance haste . 


Since in non vip dung u cant compromise with your non vip gears only option there is to is Tabards


Soo i think its best they make Non Haste Tabards

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