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My characters are all gone?


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Ok so I use to play IceCold Wow in like 2011-2012 and had good geared up characters on my other account and I just thought sinse retail is boring I'd jump back on here and I checked if my account was still working and it was but my characters are all gone? Curious why are they gone and is it possible to get them back???

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That long ago, the server would delete characters on non-vip accounts after they had been inactive for some time. It was a system that was in place to maintain server space since there was a lot of people on the time that would make accounts/characters and never return. That system is no longer in effect since the server has been upgraded. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover characters that were deleted. If you did happen to have VIP purchases, they can be restored with a proof of purchase.

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Curious so there is no possible way for my characters to be restored? Unless I have proof of purchase of what? Because I have 100's of screenshots of all my toons with their gear etc etc.

From what I know they don't restore non-vip gear. You need to have some proof of ur VIP purchases to make a new character and get purchases back.

Unless you had some bought I don't think they'll do anything.

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