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Ice Warden's X: The Botanica


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The Botanica





After tedious testing and trial of all our work, we are proud to release The Botanica. Here you will seek out and kill each unique boss for your ability to upgrade your gear. This dungeon will send you to the start if you are defeated. So be careful, as it has that "retail" feel.



Some encounter information:


Unsightly Greenkeepers are the healer of the dungeon, providing healing to nearby monsters every second.


Infested Heros are the tanks of the dungeon, providing an aura to nearby monsters.


Crystalline Sentinels will be the bane of your existence here in The Botanica, beware.




Vilespew the Wretched - Poison, Shadow, and merely his dagger are his best friends. He may play games, but he is very serious about sinking that dagger into someone's back.


Gertrude the Traitor - Gas clouds and poison are her favorite weapons. Stay out of the clouds to avoid choking.


Vilelash - Be prepared for massive lashing and AoE effects. Lots of moving to avoid the hurty things.


Globbulous Maximus and Minimus - They are all friends and play cards on the weekends, nah but really they will devour you if your armor is weakened enough. Don't get up to 15 stacks of Acidic Splash, otherwise Maximus will devour you.


Weltraum - He seems to have a lot of power, avoid getting hit by the shadow abilities. This is the most dangerous encounter of the dungeon.



Are you prepared?

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