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Shamans shields are so broken that they go through my 8k resists when the shaman has 0 spen just because of Mastery.

Can someone work on nurfing their sheilds, people are going shaman to "pvp" just so they can sheild and heal.

And since they can cast and use melee, and casters crit chances hasn't been lowered from 100% they can always crit.

Something needs to change or this is going to end up being World of Shamans.

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I'll take a look into tuning spells a bit more soon. If you have any other spells that are an issue, please feel free to send me a private message in the following format

Spell: Example Spell
Issue: High or Low damage?
Suggestion: Increase Damage by ~10%

For those who are curious, ~ means approx.

Please do note, some spells are currently not capable of being scaled. Sadly, a lot of druid spells cannot be scaled, and some bleed or % effects cannot be scaled.

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