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Shadowsbane dragon tooth spell doesn't work as shown


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  • What does this bug do? (Extra Damage, Broken Spell, etc) : Supposed to work with Party/Raid members, doesn't apply to other members in party/raid.
  • How does this bug occur? (If known) : Doesn't apply properly
  • An overall description of the bug (Short and Sweet) : Besides not applying the buff to other party members, it also disappears on druids when they change forms. So you cannot benefit from the trinket buff if you are a feral druid.
  • Any screenshots/images if needed :






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You are correct, it only works if you are selecting yourself. I noticed the bug but couldn't find a way around it. It also only works on yourself and only yourself, as it doesn't buff your party. I am sure there is a script bug with this situation, but I would rather keep the spell around as a personal buff to give some utility.


I can check for flags to deal with with items and spells in cat form.

Thank you for reporting this Bill.

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The buff should work properly now. The "Greater Blessing of Might" buff still doesn't work properly. Sadly the flags for items to be used in shapeshift form do not work for these items and spells. For now though, the 4% stat buff lasts through a shapeshift and remains on the character.

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