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I need a few answers about a few things.



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1)Is it only version 4.0.6?

2)Is there anyway to get access to the Worgen/Draenei/Blood Elf/Goblin classes? attachicon.gif09.png

3)Is there anyway to go past version 4.0.6?

Please and thank you.  :)

2: Ofcourse you do? Why would you not have access to Worgen Draenei Blood Elf and Goblin? How about you actually try to log in and try it out?

1/3: I'll leave those for other people to answer because I don't know.

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2. Yes, just the client uses your expansion you set in your Game Panel on the site to determine what expansion you can go up to. Just change your expansion from None to Cataclysm. ;)


3. We have plans to update Reaper to 4.3.4 but it will be a long time before we finish. Until then, both Reaper and Eternian are 4.0.6 only.

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