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Player report (Defiler)


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Player's Name : Defiler

Rule Broken : I think there is no rule that he broke with this behaviour. But his rights end there where my rights begin.

What Happened : So, recently i got errors because of skeleton shaping and several GMs know about it but they helped me to fix it. Now i have problems with some gear that player Defiler uses. I got around 30-40 errors because of this player, could not fix it myself so i asked him to put that gear off while there were no GMs online but he refused saying it was cool for him and he did not care about the fact that he was crashing me in every 30 seconds or so. The gear i am talking about is not Ice Warden set, it is called Fel Iron and it is just for fun with very low stats, so it would not create any problem for him to put these off but i guess he likes the process of crashing my client. (could not take screenshots of the gear due to a reason)

there u go..

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Please use the proper REPORT FORMAT

Report A Player Format
  • Player's Name :
  • Rule Broken :
  • What Happened :
  • Screenshots : (Required)

And the error seems to be on your end, maybe something with your wow folder/client , i could try to help fix it if you would like me to?

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Gcibn2g.jpg This is more than likely the reason why. 

How did you even manage to set it to 4.1? 

Your client should be @ 4.0.6 and your account should be as well. I am surprised that you are even able to load certain areas without crashing. Go here to change it to WotLK, save it, then go back and change it to Cataclysm.
This doesn't have to deal with a player breaking rules, I will move this to help & support.

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