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Adding Cash-U t payment methods?


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Hey, My name is Hashem From Saudi Arabia and as many people know in Saudi Arabia they use a different currency. And as i have bean looking for a while for visa USD gift cards here, I saw that there was cash-u. And i really want to buy vip. Cash-u is the only USD gift card there is in Saudi Arabia.



Steps for buying with cash-u:


(1): Go to https://www.cashu.com/

(2): Make an account at: https://www.cashu.com/CLogin/registersForm (no special info or credit cards needed)

(3): Go to your email and get the password given

(4): Enter new password as telling you too.

(5): Click the "Add Funds" and add the code given on your bought cash-u card, and there Your account balance is the same amount as you bought in your card.

(6): Go to the cash-u method of payment and login with the account info, and successfully the payment will go through and process.



PS: If you are wondering how i bought USD, they get the SR(Saudi Riyal) and convert the amount with the pre-money added card. So 50$ would be 187.54 SR



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I haven't really put any effort into reading the details of the site but i must inform you that there are plenty of sites

that do what cash-u does, yet they recieve a small percentage of the amount credited to your account every time you

do a transaction. Be aware of that before you try anything. It's not a scam, it's just a way of profit for the service

providers. This is a note to everyone who read/is about to read this and try such a method.

Good luck,



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Well yeah, but here in Saudi Arabia it's the closest payment method I can find. I don't have a PayPal and I don't want to. Cash - u is just the closest and most affordable thing that I can use. and if they don't want to add it, it's not my loss. I get to save money but they wouldn't get as much profit. Feel free to review what I have explained

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