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please consider the suggestion

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Suggestion Format
  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : General Improvement
  • A short description : well i know you guys are probably packed with work but still, i say lets try and bring back the artifact weapon's not only would they be fun to farm for and have something to look forward to it would give people things to do also, I think adding more off set armor like trinket's, weapon's, neck  cloaks rings tab shirts should also have a great impact for everyone, try spicing it up a bit make a new set of armor just pretty much instead of the same quest over and over again.
  • How and Who would that Benefit : Everyone
  • Any screenshots/images if needed : N/A




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I agree with everything, I wish more people would take their time to actually post here and try to be heard instead of complaining or crying to other players.


A closed mouth don't get fed


I see it much too much, when players post their complaints or suggestions in General Chat... Pointless.


I would love to see more input on this thread, especially since we haven't seen much change in a while.

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