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List of necessities.


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It may not have needed to be said, but there needs to be a gold drop in the farming instances other than the crappy gold farming zone or the extremely hard Skywall. This would make a world of difference in the ability to buy the expensive transmog items. Honestly the prices are fine, by the means of obtaining the gold make the items more expensive.


Secondly, there are several vote items that need to be fixed when upgraded, they are in need of assistance.


Thirdly, the vote shop needs a revamp on all items. Several of the weapons absolutely suck.

Now that there is a new gear set out, there is no motivation to get the vote gear, the gear sucks compared to Illustrious gear.


Also, allow group drops for quest items for upgrading all the way to the top. There is no point in grouping with someone for a crappy drop rate that would cause it to take you years to get full impeccable with a group. So, there needs to be group drops and grouped loot so that all members of the party get the same quest item. This will encourage players to ACTUALLY play together instead of soloing a dungeon to get 1/4 of the mats to upgrade.


The balance of IceGold needs to be set a bit better. The amount of IceGold needed to upgrade pieces from Deathwing is not in balance with the amount you would get by farming to the needed gear level for DW. The IceGold amount as well as the material cost for upgrading tabard and shirt from Zandalari are insanely high for very little benefit, as well as some vote weapons. As well, the 75% chance and 80% chance for those items need to be removed, due to the lack of payout vs. the work done.


Vote items costing 15VP to upgrade to gain 30 stats is outrageous. This needs to be either reduced in cost, or the benefit needs increased.


So there are some things to work on for Reaper. I hope this makes for a better day for players...


Sorry Molten, I love you.

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Well i agree with most of the things here, for example the Gold thing. Since the bars arent worth anymore what they used to be worth it got very hard to farm gold. Now to the Vote items, in my opinion they should get a buff because they are harder to get then illus or pvp but they are worse than that.

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Vote should be way more appreciated,because as you said there is no motivation comparing the illu and voter gear.In this case the voter gear should have better stats.Because voting for one piece takes 2 weeks and so and considering that 90% of the players are getting 4 or 3 points a day because of the bad vote verification,compared to the illu farming which takes about 30 minutes.Voting is what makes players come to the server and stay on it.

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I agree with everything except making a new vote set/upgrading the vote set, it would make farming useless again. There are already 200 vps weapons which everyone should appreciate.


I agree, the voter FOTB and similar items are worth the 200VP and provide good motivation. There are other items that need buffed though. My intention is to upgrade the vote armor to make it worth the 65VP/pc. Also buffing the vote weapons that cost more than 30VP.


I have another idea for the vote armor and weapons:

You can make them upgradable with the farmed gear, by using similar drop rates for a "vote token" on the rare mobs in the Illustrious Zone. You could set the need to 5 Vote Tokens/ upgrade, requires a daily quest to get them, and require 10VP + 5 Vote Tokens to upgrade the gear to Voters +1, the stats can be just a bit better than illustrious, just as Voter's is a bit better than Impeccable.

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