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1. Upgrades to Meltankos weapons, maybe 1-2. Using Gold/Icegold/Mats from Meltankos.

2. Add a Wand/Thrown/Bag to Meltankos.

3. Add a bag to the honor vendor and make it upgradable.

4. Make upgrades to the Icegold bag.

5. Create upgrades for the forge of soul items.

6. Add a Wand/Bow/Staff to pythios.

7. Make the honor wand/Thrown stats equal to the bow and bring the price up to 3.8k.


8. Make all the VIP only items from the Dungeon B.O.A due to it being so hard to get if you get it on a toon you don't need it you can move it.


9. Illustrious should have two meta slots per main piece (Helm/Chest/Pants/Gloves/Shoulders)


10. When completing the Godsword quest you should recieve a Glowing Ashbringer and regular ashbringer to use for XMOG. Meaning if you want the Radiant or Holy ash xmog you have to work hard for it.


11. The FOTB should be raised to the same speed as the dagger. (3.1)


12. The voter Shirts and Tabards should be upgradable.


13. The Icegold Accessories should have another upgrade with an increase of stats and a meta socket.


14. There should be a bag quest that requires a lot of items from every dungeon used for gearing. This bag would be a very long journey to get but very rewarding.

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