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Suggestions And alot of them!


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1. Well its cool we got a arena boss more, but i think you shoud add one in a Non vip zone,

then make it dmg 5% more then the mobs in the illu zone, and make it 300 mil hp. So no one can solo it with out a healer.


2. Then do something with the Druids and Dk's so we can get them back in the game. The Dk's heal is to low, just higher it a bit so its more fun to pvp with and easyer to farm.

The druids needs a bit more dmg ( in Feral, but just how to buff Feral i cant say). In Balance its working pretty good. Restoration, i know that the earlyere part of wow they made the Incarnation: Tree of Life, a full form, is there a way to add that back?


3. Bags: Well you guys "add" more and more items, and the Icebags is starting to lose space, maybe add some upgrading for the ice bags.

(And the Voter bags is not the voter point worth when you only get 5 more slots and +50 more stats)

just add some upgrads for the ice/voter bags or make a donor bag


4. i still miss some more upgrading weapons, like the older servers had with the Legendary weapons.


5. Mounts: Some shop keepers sell there mounts for items like Champion's Seal and outher items like that. Just look at Drakma in orgrimmar.



I hope that all or else i add it later :3

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also add more stuff to the xmog vendor

Like apparently there is a display id for rockets to be used as daggers (energyqt has the display id)

warglaives of azznioth, id like to see those in the vendor as well and more world ports in case you need to port somewhere and dont feel like flying.


OH and a quest item vendor  for like the cryogenic freeze ray, shrink ray, paintinator,  and much more stuff i can tell you about just send me a message

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You do know me and Eli are the founders of these quest items.

And Ice Ryan deleted 1/3 of them. R.I.P Orc Cult Spawner. Still have a ton on my rogue though.


Ah, good ol'  times.



Note: Ryan would rather sell his soul than putting those items in a vendor.

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