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Hey Denison. To get a fresh 4.0.6 wow, please follow those steps:

  1. Download our IceCold-WoW Launcher.
  2. Make a new folder wherever you wish, and place the launcher in there, then run it as administrator. 
  3. When the small launcher window appears, click on the small button that is located at the bottom left side, "Reinstall Game Data"
  4. Confirm everything, and let it do the process. It will create new wow files inside your current folder.
  5. When everything is done, log in use the account you already made to log in, and when it's done installing some vital files, go ahead and go in-game.

From here, you can start playing, almost instantly, since the rest of the data will be downloaded while you are playing.




I hope you get along with this process and see you ingame soon. If you face any difficulties

don't hesitate to reply to this thread, or even send me a private message.

Good luck,



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