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Darkover Ban Dodge, DR.


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Player: Beydeuxoba

Time: 12:29am

Reason: Ban Dodging, DR



Joined Channel: [3. LocalDefense - The Cape of Stranglethorn]
Guild Message of the Day: Welcome to the world of IceCold. For information about rules, go to www.icecold-wow.com/rules
Changed Channel: [1. General - Deepholm]
Changed Channel: [3. LocalDefense - Deepholm]
22:19 [Gilthoniel] says: Unstandard
22:19 [Gilthoniel] says: lol
22:19 [unstandard] says: Hue
22:19 [Gilthoniel] says: You guys doing anything?
22:19 [botd] says: We are, me.
22:20 [botd] says: All one person.
[iceCold Info]: Use /o to talk in world chat!
22:20 [Gilthoniel] says: Isn't that illegal?
22:20 [botd] says: LOL
22:20 [botd] says: no.
22:20 [Gilthoniel] says: Oh
22:20 [botd] says: Multiboxing isn't.
22:20 [Gilthoniel] says: I should do that
22:20 [Gilthoniel] says: how do you all move at the same time
22:20 [botd] says: We don't.
22:20 [Gilthoniel] says: oh
22:21 [Gilthoniel] says: i've seen that happen before
22:21 [botd] says: Yeah
22:21 [botd] says: Same.
22:21 [Gilthoniel] says: I was confused
22:21 [Gilthoniel] says: wanna help with kara
22:21 [Gilthoniel] says: Or TOT
22:21 [Gilthoniel] says: Paying 4 bars for a complete ToT run
22:21 [Gilthoniel] says: 1 bar to kill mazzkath
[World][Gilthoniel]: 4 bars for a ToT run
[iceCold Info]: Use /o to talk in world chat!
[World][beydeuxoba]: i dont want to talk about him while he's off but the **** i want to know why ???? why ?? the faggot dytafast report everything he see ?????????????????????
[World]<VIP>[Dezimieren]: Dude.
[World]<VIP>[Dezimieren]: Get out of world chat.
[World]<VIP>[Dezimieren]: And watch your mouth.
[World][beydeuxoba]: what ? 
[World][Gilthoniel]: OMFG remember Darkover
[World][Gilthoniel]: that kid was annoyingggggg
[World][beydeuxoba]: yeah i'm darkover + turnback 
[World]<VIP>[Proxes]: he does report
[World][Gilthoniel]: omg
[World]<VIP>[Proxes]: alot of people
[iceCold Info]: Use /o to talk in world chat!
22:26 Gilthoniel points over yonder.
[World]<VIP>[unstandard]: You were banned permanently, Darkover.
[World][beydeuxoba]: yeah with both darkover and another acount turnback 
[World]<VIP>[unstandard]: You're ban dodging.
[iceCold Info]: Dead and cannot revive? In /o type ".revive" and hit enter!
[World]<VIP>[Proxes]: its not ban dodging unless its ip
[World]<VIP>[unstandard]: Ehm.
[World][beydeuxoba]: it's not ip 
[World]<VIP>[unstandard]: Ban permanently is IP.
22:29 [beydeuxoba] says: only account
[World][beydeuxoba]: only account
[World]<VIP>[unstandard]: Nope.
[World]<VIP>[unstandard]: Reporting.
[World]<VIP>[Proxes]: they banned his account
[World][beydeuxoba]: hahaa and if i get banned permantely i have nooooooooooo problem
You are now Away: Away
[World][Gilthoniel]: Beydeuxoba
[World][Gilthoniel]: omg
[World][beydeuxoba]: i got a perma ban over 3 or 4 times
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