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Some Suggestions.


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1). Suggestion : Making Emerald forest into anything


1.Adding more Bags with stats (example: Magister's Terrace) Making the Mobs Harder to kill , making funny/cute mobs like Panda cub, flower,baby dinosaur, making it Solo or Making it a instance
if so i would imagine it like adding 1-3 more different bags(you will need to upgrade 1 bag to max to get to upgrade the other one) the droprates and the Mobs toughtness would be your choice, but id say about 20mil-30mil each mob would be perfect )

also the need for the Bag I would be like 100 Materials,Bag II one 200 mats and so on to bag V ( every mob dropps 1-2 materials every time.) 2nd bag I would need like 150 mats , Bag II 300 and so on untill V with the same mobs . 3rd bag would need like 200 mats every upgrade. 

2.Adding Mobs to drop X-mog gear with a very low drop rate.

3.Making the transmog items farmable.(u can create 2hhanded-[warglaive of azzinorth] or 1handed [staff of lord ahune] to transmog) , ull need to do a quest in Emerald forest which will require the latest possible Weapon (Right now the Frozen II) and 10k of mats in a dungeon where mobs are with 20-30mil hp and drop 1-2 every mob.

4.or combining the 1. and 3. idea and making them both 50% of the instance which can be easily placed, example:Bag Upgrades in the upper Emerald forest and The transmog farm in the lower Ef(the big hole with a lake there :D )

5.I would call the idea perfect if The Emerald forest was full of panda cubs and Baby dinosaurs droping companions in a low droprate :D 

The purpose of this is because, alot of people love emerald forest and miss farming there(yes many players appearantly) , Those ideas would make the players stay there longer if they want to.


It would benefit the server alot, to have more stuff to do + more to sell with a high price ;)

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Sir no just no, I farmed emerald forest for hours on end for different characters and friends....never again I say! Other wise I think your idea's are great.

hah seriously? i spent 4-5 days /played there on a rogue, and everyone has a different opinion about the place.

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Like i said, this is what i see.   the Fear !                                                                                                         Feel

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