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More bosses and Gear Sets !


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Hey iam asking actually to let the players farm more xD ! i know it is boring but why not farm cuz when you are full pvp alrdy there is no more points in pvping ! i know the illustrious is a new set but it was way to easy to get ! 


We also might need more World bosses to drop weapons and maybe even rare pieces of gear liket he Hoarder set please think about this idea ! 


World boss : http://www.wowhead.com/npc=17881

                                                                                   This might be a good World Boss !



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Well, here's something you may understand... People hate farming as it is, sure it's easy to get. Ravaged takes like a day to get full? Divine takes 3 days about to get full. Then you add all up the others and its about 2 weeks of farming. I haven't been on much to know what's been said or added.


If they make a new world boss, what's the idea behind it? Where does it fit into the lore of Icecold? Where will it be and what will it drop? If neither, they won't do it. Meltankos and Pythios are hard as they are. Pyth is even harder. Melt is more of a "meh" boss. Adding another World Boss to it... it means even more people going nuts over it. In a few months it'll die out cause then everyone will have what it drops.


I don't fully support this idea, I'm sorry. I just don't think it'll fit into the Lore. Others may, I'm just saying my opinion.

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Ideas like these are already placed and replied to. Please go read the pinned discussion for suggestion and feedback. You'll see that many of the ideas you are coming up with, have already been stated.


No one has suggested to use Aeonus. That's really what this suggestion is about.

Even if someone did, he's still free to share his thoughts. 


Perhaps the idea needs some tweaking. A lot of suggestions do.

I agree with what has been said concerning world bosses. We have enough as it is.

Doesn't mean this idea is useless. We can take away the "world" part and it suddenly is a regular boss, able to be reset and farmed all day long.

I was there when the idea of Aeonus got created, it's more about the npc display than the world boss part really.


Feedback and opinions is what keeps the suggestions section alive, but stating someone shouldn't post because similar ideas have been posted really isn't what the suggestion section is for. Players post double suggestions all the time. Sometimes it's actually quite useful since they'll have additions to the initial idea which would make it even better.

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I have to say im mixed on the idea. There is a big separation between vip and non vip on the server.  So world bosses are camped, you really cant get a foot in and its vips gearing alts or non vip gear so kind of SoL.  Ashbringer is nice, but considering drop rates and difficulty, going up ONE upgrade on it is tedious........I did that and saw the mats needed for the 2nd upgrade, made me want to quit right there........frustrating to play self geared (not buying gear) and look at things like I can farm skywall for an hour and a bit and get only a few drops. Rather daunting.

I guess what im saying is id rather see current items nerfed a bit in terms of mat requirements or up the drop rates on things.

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