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Transmog :))


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Hi there:) Briggs here.

I got a couple things i'd like to suggest. (they're just suggestions)


  • Suggestion Type : General improvement/loot
  • A short description :

    1) The transmog system needs a bit of work. I asked around and i found that 1) transmog isn't restricted to armor type (Which is AWESOME) butttt 2) you need tokens to use it? and the only way to get these tokens is through events? which i haven't even seen an event happen yet so for me i'll probably never get to mog my gear :(

    My suggestion is make mog tokens available through voting ORR an even better idea is remove the token requirement completely but add a mall with tons and tons of gear to choose from and make the gear cost vote points. the server will gain many many more votes because theres nothing really worth voiting for now and it'd make people happy :)))))


    and 2)  Give us more stuff to spend out MG on. I, along with everyone else on the server, have more MG than we know what to do with. idk what can fix this but it's a thought :)

  • How and Who would that Benefit : Everyone
  • Any screenshots/images if needed : I don't really think one is needed.
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Agreed, The Current Xmog System is Kind of Wack, Like We Barely see any event on there is a 0.001% chance the reward will be 1 token, i really think this would be a solution to both the players and the staff.


Also Would improve the Server By Getting more Population and Making Happy their players

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Transmog unfortunately is restricted by the retail rules - plate armor for plate armor, leather for leather, 1h mace to 1h mace, 2h axe to 2h axe.

I have been working on transmog vendors for people to be able to get the retail items they want to use for tmog and tested all that I added to them.

The vendor is still being worked on and will be released very soon.

If you have ideas to add to the vendor feel free to post them on IceCold Eternian > Ice Eternian Discussion > Requests for TMOG Items.


The suggestion of making Tmog tokens worth vote points or any other suggestion regarding them won't happen.

They will be for events only and when the vendor is released more events will be held. I will also tell the GMs to host more events now so people can start saving them up.

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