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Brawl arena


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Brawl arena:  :teehee: 


Same like on retail make a cool arena maby 1 for the horde and 1 for the alliance or just 1 general arena.


You summon a player into the arena and root him for awhile then you add a npc in the arena and unroot the player.


The npc's got different ranks and each rank will be more diffecult. (1-10)


Maby we can even make it so you need 2 player's one's you got to rank 7 or 8. (so you can ask a vip to help you).


Each rank you can put in some sort of reward. (a currency - A gear piece - a title - a fun item - etc ...)


Would be cool to have some more pve event's and who dussent love some brawling ;)


Ty for your time 


Kind regards 



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While this is a good idea, we'd have to go through and make 10 NPC's for each VIP level, and then non-vip's, so that it's more balanced, and players can't just faceroll up the ladder.

We might look into it when the server it more stable.

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