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VIP swap.


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^ Thank you DrClown, as he said. I'll elaborate.


- Had an Eternian-WoW and IceCold-WoW account with the same email? Your account will be your IceCold-WoW account.
- No IceCold-WoW account? Here's how to connect. Say your account name is 'Vynlendus' add an e85 before it, now it's 'e85Vynlendus'

Also, to the topic, as Jordan said, we'll never introduce a service such as swapping VIP over, due to the major differences in the servers, there's so much that could be bought on Eternian that can't be bought on Reaper, vice versa. If you enjoy the realm, donate to it, but first check it out. There's a lot that is changing slowly on Eternian still though, so just check in every few days.

Thanks for reading - The sexiest, eRyan / Vynlendus

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