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Crash After Logout



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This is the error I'm getting:



Exception Raised!
 App:         /Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft.app
 Exception:   EXC_BAD_ACCESS
 Error Code:  0x85100086
 Time:        2014-02-12 20.53.34 PST
    eax = 0x00000000    ebx = 0x00000080    ecx = 0x00000004    edx = 0x00000003
    edi = 0x00000001    esi = 0x00000000    ebp = 0xb0530de8    esp = 0xb0530c70
     ss = 0x00000023 eflags = 0x00010206    eip = 0x40406721     cs = 0x0000001b
     ds = 0x00000023     es = 0x00000023     fs = 0x00000023     gs = 0x0000000f
 Crashed Thread: 0x00008537
(Running OS X 10.9)
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