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Hey there!


Welcome to IceCold WoW. I would like to personally welcome you to join me in my guild, Dominion. I am inviting anyone and everyone to join.


First things first, I created this guild to offer new players a place to be, and hang out with some other newbies.

If you are new, message me in-game, on-site, or via Skype @ SeanHaxor. If you add me on Skype please include information like your character and account name so I can tell who you are.


I am available on the Facebook page @ Sean Haxor. I am the dude with the beard.


Now that you know how to contact me, I would like to reach out to the majority of the population of IceCold. My name is Sean, and I would like to help you in your endeavors. Several guides have been made on how-to's and tutorials about how to get things started. I have the ability to talk you through the installation and help you connect. I can also help you start things out getting that Demonic gear. The quests are mostly simple and I have characters at similar levels that I can actually play along with you.


Last thing, the guild.

Our values are that of membership and loyalty. I would request that you act as mature as possible, and be aware of conflicts before you give input. Do not antagonize other members, nor shall you disrespect other members. Follow the Golden Rule.


I am all for the saying: "An eye for an eye." I follow this based on personal belief. You may follow this, and repeat to your offender the same. If you are camped, camp back at the same vigor. 


I am humorous and laughable. Feel free to joke a lot, and please be aware of conflicts within or outside the guild. Instead of antagonizing the players in the argument, work on logically assisting the player work through how they are feeling. Being that the PvP in the arena is very competitive, everyone will get mad and rage. Be aware of this.


Take this guild seriously and personally. The majority of this guild will be loyal and be helpful to the rest of the server. If you know me on the server, please feel free to notify me if I am not following the rules I place. I am here to help when I can and when I feel available to do so. I would expect the same from every member. Do not beg other members, and do not ask for hand outs. You can ask to borrow, but limit the amount of energy you put into doing so.


I would recommend my guild for all new members. I want to start things off right for each player. As a guild, we are together and one large party, each person has their roles and their abilities to provide to the community. I expect you to hold your ground respectfully. Back down when you are wrong. When enough evidence is provided for an argument to lean a different way, please recognize it, and accommodate change.


The server will go through changes, and the players may come and go, but a community will remain.


I am hereby providing a community for the population of IceCold's Reaper Realm.



The guild requires that you follow all rules at www.icecold-wow.com/rules

Failure to do so will get you a warning first, then a report. If you do not comply, you will be punished by the staff on the server. Play at your own discretion. :) 

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