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Yo who put syrup on my carrots?


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I might be coming back sometime soon. I quit because I had a lot of problems going on and didn't feel the need to play WoW anymore... Anyways most of my problems I had are dealt with got my car fixed, Started hanging back out with my friends, That bitch is in jail (For reasons which shouldn't be discussed). Needless to say enough with my bitching about life :).

For those that might ask.


What am I going to do when I come back?
   - Don't think that needs to be answered, You know I love ****ing with Cole.
Why am I coming back?
   - Because my life is boring when I'm not with friends or high af.
Do I plan on being rehired?
   - Not likely I would get rehired, So nope.

   - **** that 10 year old
If anyone wants to buy the new purple squirter delux edition with super G-Spot twisting action please let me know.


For all those little ****ers, I said "MIGHT". Don't count on faeces, Half of you wouldn't even want me back but suck a dick :)





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