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It's been real everyone...


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Well, it's hard to say, but this quit message, it's real.. 


I've had good and bad times on Ice, made a lot of Close Friends, Hope the bond never ever breaks.  


I want all of you guys.. To remember me, By doing good for the server, Voting, Making new friends, helping members, not arguing in World Chat 24/7, and being cool with everyone.  Don't follow my bad experiences.  I've been banned and muted more times than anyone on ice, and thats a fact.  


I want my legacy to live with everyone, and I want everyone to have a good time... Give Ryan some breaks, he works hard.  


Why am I going away you ask?


Got a Beautiful girl i'm talking to, Got work, Have School to do, Friends to hangout with more.  and more people to hopefully make happy...

As for the 3 accounts I own, They will stay with me in remembrance ..


I hope to be back someday, and I hope i've inspired people, made them have a good time on ice, and stay.


And for the people I don't like, and I was mean to, I just wanted to apologize, I probably was the biggest asshole you'll ever meet, thanks for putting up with me.  


Hope everyone has a good experience like I did, I remember the first time I ever came here, I knew nobody, I wasn't really liked, I even got kicked from a guild once because I asked for some gold.. I remember being added to skype calls and having the time of my lives, a lot of time has gone into this server, I would never trade this server for anything.


So before I leave, i wanna give a shoutout to the following people, you guys have made my life pretty good on ice.

Ryan, Nick, Josh, Lobo, Loke, Jansen, Eli, Puppy, Bill, Glitch, Slothbro, Thomas, Derrick, Kerm, Tiri, Jack, Matt,..


Bye guys, I'll never forget any of y'all.  

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Well guys, I decided to take one of the simpler ways back on, not sure why I didn't do this instead of making a huge ****ing deal about me leaving soo.


I decided to just drop all of the Hard Classes, was starting to completely fail them, i'm in regular classes now, and i'm obviously making high A's in B's in them, cause they're way simple.  As for track season, not going to do it this year, most likely next year, I don't feel like paying $180 for track spikes to most likely making Junior Varsity, #nothanks.

As for the girl i'm talking to, and work, I can manage those two, Sometimes I won't be on, sometimes I will.  So i'm pretty sure it'll all work out, Glad everyone actually shows some care in this world.  But i'm back for now, Next time I quit, there won't be a post or anything said lol, will just be gone.  :P


and thanks Wraith, Lokeh and all meh other nigs.  :P

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