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There have been a lot of reports and tickets lately of players being hacked and scammed out of their accounts or items. This is an upsetting event for any player who gets scammed and it is also hard to prove and impossible recover lost items and accounts.


Things you need to know and look out for:


1. Sharing your account, selling or trading characters outside of Icecold is not supported and will often result in you getting scammed. Please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Many of the scams offer to trade for something better than what you have only to never deliver what they promise. If anyone ask for you account info, it's a scam. Once you lose your account or items to a scammer, there is nothing we can do to recover it


2. If you decide to trade with someone outside of Icecold, you do so at your own risk. Transactions outside of our system will not be supported.


3. Help us find potential scammers by reporting attempts to scam. If someone attempts to scam you or you witness it, take screen shots and report the player on the forums. That allows us to find and punish scammers. Do not try and follow through any part of the scam, just report it.


If you are ever in doubt, just back out. You can always make an in game ticket if you think you are getting scammed and not sure.

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