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The Forgotten Bow


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Guys , as we know there drops a Mace, a Blade and a Dagger from Pythios , that's why i've got that idea that Pythios drops a Bow too! It shouldnt be that OP like the other Weps, maybe a bit better then the Cataclysmic Bow.It would be a bit fairer for Hunters.


Greetings from





Like a Noob BoZZ.



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i say Add two hand sword , mace , axe etc to pythios

and for God sake increase the armor of pythios gears

"Increase the armor" the problem is, the phytios gear is for every class the same, so if you want to have it with a rogue / shaman you'd have like 8000 armor on each piece. (I Think you wanted to increase it to paldin stats)

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