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Rebuild Azeroth


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Simple really. Its just that now with transmog it seems quite obvious that the next goal the staff should focus on is slowly rebuilding the raids. 


Here is my suggestion: See what you can do with first Ulduar, cause it includes some awesome looking retail gear and its already half scripted, but you cannot get past the gigantic x-200 deconstructor (or whatever its name is), while the dragon boss is bugged and wont appear (I believe its not scripted). Ignis and the Leviathan work fine i think. 


Also, i have noticed that all the burning crusade raids are fully scripted (Yes, Illidan included) and apart from a few problems ive encounted mainly pertaining to getting past a door that wont open or cross a bridge that wont appear because there is a cinematic involved... that kind of thing. But other than that, they work perfectly. So, i think you should start with Tempest Keep ''The Eye'', which is fully scripted and includes no closed doors or bridges (there is only a slight issue with the final boss, that you have to wait 60secs between the phases of the battle): Buff up them bosses and bring em to our level!!! This way, we can get to form groups again! Is that even possible? Cause if it is, it might be the answer to many of our problems. If you are to buff em up though, be sure to shorten the reset time, cause one week is a long time (3 days perhaps?)


Anyone else out there with similar ideas speak now or forever remain silent :P

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a poll it is then - in a couple of days (4 at max) i will have it ready, but it will be 'official' - nobody would want people start posting polls about different raids each - that would be chaos. I will take my time and create a proper one, and maybe add to it later on.

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