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  1. 1. Should we make a VIP Event?

    • Yeah, Do it
    • No, just keep the events nonvip.

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  • Staff

Sup guys tuff here,


Me and Gerti came up with a great idea (As we think) if i get enough polls i will make a VIP event this week or on Weekend.  I already thought about a few rules that you can imagine how it will be like.


- Every VIP set is allowed Its up to you if you want to join

- No Special items (Soatt, Soatl or Tabard's)


These are only a few yet, i will think about some more. The hole event will be watched by a GM too.

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  • Staff

There should be their own VIP tiers :P like vip 1 would have their own tier, and keep going. 1-7


Great idea, i will think about that. But that is actually based how much different players join, i hope i can make it a huge event ( 35 - 40 Players )

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