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Sell Brooms in Mount Vendor



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  1. 1. Add Broom Mounts to the Mount Vendor

    • Yes
    • No

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I think the community should have access to the Brooms, instead of waiting months at Halloween, I honestly don't care if it's "Rare" I think everyone should get them and use them, and the Headless Horseman Mount and Head can be the Halloween quest stuff.


I say sell for 200k gold and leave it at that.  Maybe gold can be used then.



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I agree yes. But sell it for 1 million gold. Make it a challenge. 200k gold is easy to get

Gold cap is, like, 214k. Unless you mean make it cost 10 Titanium bars. In that case it would probably be easier to make it a quest with the requirement 10 of them.

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(Unless somethings changed I don't know about) the "Magic Broom" mount is specifically a holiday mount for Halloween which we use for our Halloween quest line. Basically you either get it during Halloween or wait till next year :P


This. There are several other games that do stuff like this, just be patient and you'll get your broom, if you slack off, well, see ya next year.

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