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Guild Bank Error



Hello my ingame nick is Pallyz.Im posting this topic because all the items from my guild bank dissapeared,i played on this server and collected those items like 2 or 3 years,everyday was doing dw waiting in arena for spirit annihilator to respawn to get tabards/shirt.Ok lets take that on side,what i ask is can someone from the gms give me my stuff back,i have proof here what i had in my gb, here:
these pics took my brother which is pausing for a while.
http://www.zaslike.com/files/70e2wbbbd0iyfqm6fj84.jpg   - my gm tab which unfortunately i didnt ss it but u can see that there are slots for plat bars
http://www.zaslike.com/files/k2wxrfzvbbl6chjs0v18.jpg   -demonic tab which is not very important
http://www.zaslike.com/files/8qsydyai8x2tw3hschhl.jpg  -my deathwing and arena boss caster stuff
http://www.zaslike.com/files/g020j9and4kmeypbh2a.jpg  - my deathwing and arena boss meele stuff
http://www.zaslike.com/files/8txuvec2numy4ikgk61c.jpg  -and my ravaged stuff

What i have now in these tabs is nothing just 1,2 demonic gear left :/
This is what GM Molten answered me for the ticket : http://www.zaslike.com/files/fr391ajlkvc5xuf1hmv3.jpg
So i hope my items will be back soon cus it's hard for me to accept that it's like "u have it now and it worths very much and u are happy that u have it,the next day it dissapears for some glitch and it makes u stop playing" which i don't want to stop playing on this server.Thank you guys very much if you bring my items back

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Whoa, this affected me also. Lost everything in the guild bank for Icecold bawses. I don't think I have any screenshots but Derrick might. He is still GM on that guild at the moment. Is there anyway we can get that stuff back? We had four tabs of ravaged and one tab of deathwing stuff that was combined with arena stuff.


Thanks for posting this, I didn't know this was a problem. Haven't check the guild bank in a couple of weeks.

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GM Thanks for giving me back some of my items but i will be very happy if you give me the rest,in the mail i didnt received any ravaged,some of the tabards and the shirts are missing,and 2 lines of caster rings. Here you can see on the pictures what is missing :

The Old Caster:http://goo.gl/qz2Uh

The Old Meele: http://goo.gl/IdfzW

And for the ravaged you know its too hard to get so much ravaged stuff like i had,but that worths to me very much because i spent alot of time to make those items,so i made an calculation how much ravaged diamonds and blessed shards and crystals i need to have to make those stuff again:
Ravaged Diamonds:4900
Blessed Shards:4900
Blessed Crystals:1225

Please give my items back.



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