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Arena Buffs Stay or Go poll?



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  1. 1. Do you think the Speed and Berserker buffs should remain in the arena?

    • Keep, I would like the buff there since it can give me an edge on the higher geared people
    • Remove, I find it annoying how people run in and out of the arena for them

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I say yes for removing the buffs on the edge of the arena. Also remove the zerk near the start point and move the speed buffs closer to the teleport location. Gives people a slightly easier time of getting to the arena without getting them close enough that the buff lasts till inside the arena. It gets annoying when people just run up there for the Zerks and speed buff because they hit a lot harder and are moving faster allowing for a lot more maneuvering to go on, increasing your chances of a kill. 


Also, the "it gives me a chance against higher gear" is annoying, because it's like the whole Starter Gear Tourney argument that was going on. The higher geared people farmed it, and you're just giving them a way to not have to farm up to us to beat us. 

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