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New Suggestions!


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uno: More/New upgradable accessories


Zwei: More Upgradable weapons ^^


Three: More Instances that require group effort and not just solo =)


Cuatro: Ofcourse more world bosses/More Raid bosses!


Last but not least! A different arena boss, one more difficult and that drops better but more rare loot! The shirts/tabbys are too easy to get and not very good! Maybe that could be a boss in a different arena for a starter arena boss! =)





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Also, maybe you could re-enable valor and justice tokens, since there is some pretty cool looking retail gear to collect from vendors in Dalaran, but since there is no currency, one can only rely on crappy embles that take a lifetime to assemble. Just give it a thought, it would add another aspect to the game.

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OR you could enhanse their stats by a tiny bit... and then perhaps create a vendor that will sell them for icecold bars! say... 1 icecold bar per item... or if thats too expensive, maybe 15k gold per set? Weapons and trinkets excluded, so that we could use our own.

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Thank you Detective  :wub:


:huh: I hope that was the wrong emote.  



I'll try to get as much stuff ready to roll as I can before I go on leave. Not sure if any of this will make the cut, but I'll try.


I will assist of course :P

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  • Staff

I would like to ask/suggest that upgrade chances on icecold items like rings and trinkets be raised higher then 75%. Maybe its me and I have bad luck but I had two out of four upgrade attempts fail. For those who are not VIP and want to upgrade, it takes a long time to collect that many icecold bars. Though I do appreciate that it is a bit easier now that we have daily quests and icecold rewards for more monsters. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!

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I would like to have a potion that would be placed in the vote shop and VIP store.

This potion should increase the drop rates of items for 300 seconds or so, It should only be able to be used once per day,

It should also cost 50 vote points for 5 potions.

Because believe me a lot of people would buy this potion because they would see the opportunity to make it easier to farm after farming for hours 

for some hard earned gear. and would buy the potions and get what they need faster but because it only lasts 300 seconds they would not get

everything so it wouldn't be OP.

Note: this should only increase the drop rate buy 5 percent or so. that way they don't get it every time but still more often then before consuming the potion!


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