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Next Gen Consoles (NO FLAME WARS PLEASE)


What will you be playing in 2014?!  

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  1. 1. What will you be playing in 2014?!

    • PlayStation 4, DUH!
    • Xbox One, BRO!
    • Wii U, FOR LIFE!
    • I'll just stick to IceCold.
    • Those are too mainstream, I'll go with Ouya.
    • Project SHIELD!

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So 2013 has been confirmed to be the release of Sony's PlayStation 4, their next gen console, and Microsoft's Xbox One while the Wii U is having a very suck-ish Launch. I wanna know what the IceCold community will be playing in 2014. If you have any questions on either next gen consoles please feel free to comment below, and as the title says, please avoid fighting over each other's preferences.

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Hmm i will probably be playing ps4, if anything since i swapped from xbox to ps3 i have practically regretted nothing except how quiet in-game the ps3 community is, i kinda miss having the much more social aspect of Xbox but if any of the xbox rumors are true there will practically no chance i will buy it and on the other hand i don't like the idea of having to pay for PSN, seems like Sony are going for the Microsoft approach of making money from the ps4 like they did on the 360 but oh well as long as it's not over priced.

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