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Well, Ingame i have seen people trying to "Sell their account" for over $140 bucks, And whoever buys the account should read this, i have also seen a Game master Recommend a account to a certain player...  -_-

9. Account sharing is strictly forbidden. This is for your security. Sharing accounts puts your account in jeopardy and hasstles the staff when stealing occurs. If caught, all accounts involved in the sharing will recieve no support.


With saying that, All they have to do is "Forgot your password" button and they can get their account back and your out 140 bucks... Just thought i would bring this here so please be wise when thinking of buying a account, Just buy the characters not the account, That is why there is a character shop.

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I have seen people buy accounts before, and the seller did not try and get their account back through that because they got the money they wanted and don't want to be a bitch. Hell, the buyer could even ask the seller to change the email to the seller's email to claim him as the rightful owner of the account now.

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I doubt someone would be like that. But it's at the player's risk to buy the account.


There's definately people like this. I've had so many reports about account theft in the past.

This usually occurs when 2 people are sharing the account.

In this matter we're talking about selling the account.


Pretty big difference if you ask me, one chooses to renounce his account and tries to receive money for it.

It's a new level of theft, since one receives money without giving anything in return.

Therefore i think not that much people will steal back an account they actually received money for.


Doesn't mean you don't have to be careful, it can happen to anyone, any time.

I'm used to being the intermediary. Both of them tell me the information, i'd reset the account info, done.

Never had trouble with players that sold/traded accounts that way.

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Another helpful thing is to take screenshots (not copy and paste, but screenshots) and talk ingame. That way we have enough evidence in favor of a party so if they do scam you, you can take it  up with us with screenshots and we can check chatlogs. 

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