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I haz an idea!


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So I had this thought, but I'd like to get some feedback on if you all would even be interested in something like this before I got approval and started work on it etc.You know how when you would do random WoTlK dungeons you would get that little bag of goodies that if you opened had random items in it? What if we made a sack-o-goodies, that had a plethora of possible drops like any upgrade items (ravaged diamonds, blessed shards etc) an icegold bar, a kill point voucher, any of the currency bars, an item to start a very rare quest only obtainable from this that drops a really nice weapon, a VIP version of that quest, etc. But have it all on a randomizer, so like you could get any number of those, or you could just get 1 copper. We could sell them for like 100 icegold a pop, 5-10 votepoints a pop, etc. We could even put in different levels. Have a base one with less rare items be the cheapest, a couple other tiers in between, then one legendary one that might drop the quest, and some other good items. Just a thought I had :o

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Major edit.

I misread.

I love the idea, tho i think giving the option of getting one copper would be a bit harsh^^

Besides that, awesome.

2 smalls things actually,

I'd love to see a third option added to collect em, besides voting points and IceGold.

Also, add >a lot< of these:

ravaged diacraps

Those are pure awesomeness.
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Hahaha that's because it has m.o.n.d in the word. Automatically changes it. But what would be in it, though you might not ever get the items are: Ancient Ice Weapons, Icegold Bars, any currency bars, any of the upgrade items like blessed shards, ravaged diam.o.n.d etc, honor points, potions. There may also be a special item to start a quest that can lead to a nice weapon. And we would consider anything else players would suggest to be in it (hence why this thread is open). These may also be a world drop, meaning they have a chance to drop from any mob. Another idea I had for it was a better version of it that is much rarer, put it on a wandering vendor and only sell  one per 24 hours, but let that be bind on use, meaning it can be sold/traded. 

If anyone has any suggestions/comments/fixes/ideas please let me know on here, I'd love to get some feedback and put things the players want in here :) 

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I am still pushing the daily quest idea. I made the suggestion somewhere else here and it was a hit but nothing I know of has become of it. Last I remember, you can complete up to 25 daily quest per day. I would like to see a slough of daily quest with varying levels of difficulty for vips and non-vips with different level of gear. Obviously the more difficult, the better the reward.


I would really prefer daily quests. It would be a lot more dynamic and fun over grinding the same monsters in a dungeon. It would also give me a reason to log on each day to accomplish something. Gives everyone another way of obtaining gear over time.

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