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The Big List o' Suggestions!


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I feel that icecold needs more funk! It has a lot of things to do for non-vips but there isn't anything special to do for VIPS!

So this is a list of things for VIPs and non-vips to do! ENJOY! AND HOPE YOU LIKE THESE IDEAS!

1. More world bosses!

2. More honor completeing WSG.

3. Honor Weapons and an Honor Trinket.

4. Voting 2h (stats abit more then Frostmourne OTB, but higher speed.)

5. Use the ashbringer as an ID!

6. Create an instance to farm Icegold!

7. Upgradable Weapons other then Thunderfury.

8. Quests that give gold and icegold bars!

9. Create events and event only items!

10. Create a instance to get VIP only BOE items!

11. Put more Bosses in deathwing, have other Dragon bosses to fill up the 2 empty rooms that drop BOE weapons and icegold bars!

12. Make deathwing give more icegold!

13. Have PVP events for honor awards!

14. Create forum events to win vip 1 or 2, or even to win VOTE points! (Like video contests..ect)

15. Put a world boss in the special VIP mall!

Thanks For Reading!

Like if you support these ideas!!!!!!

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I agree with all of these things. Only problem, is our primary npc/weapon creator is on hiatus and the only active staff available is GMs and Ryan (Who is swamped with other things about IceCold). So a lot of these ideas will be implemented around school's first break for Tirionl to comeback for a bit. But deffinatly like the ideas.

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