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  1. This is Over....Wait for it! POWERED!!!!
  2. Im Really Supporting you Good Idea!
  3. STEP 1: Download World of Warcraft 3.3.5a! STEP 2:Change the Realmlist to : SET realmlist login.icecold-wow.com SET patchlist "localhost" STEP 3: Delete the Cache Folder! STEP 4: Now Join the server and Have Fun! If you need a Torrent link to download WoW 3.3.5a PM me!
  4. Its a Really good idea teslow09 i hope this will made but one problem is there icecold-wow has a launcher and its must have to play on the server! i think theres the little problem but the coders will make this :)
  5. my idea is a Forum site for German people i see many many german people and forums for other peoples like Romanian and so on and [German GM Group] so german peoples can be gms and they will support english and german! sorry for my bad english :)
  6. Hello, 1.Download the launcher 2.Create a new Folder and put the launcher in it 3. Start the launcher and click on Re/install the game 4.Wait a time it can took 15-30mins DONT DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR COMPUTER/LAPTOP IN THIS TIME! .5 When its finished the game will start and you can login
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